The Bars
The Bars

We provide and help people to train their body and build their muscles with a great result.

Operational Hours
General (Personal, Family, etc)
05.00 - 09.00
15.00 - 21.00


15.00 - 21.00

RULES TO BE OBEYED For Street Work Out Activity
1. Must be in a complete suit to work out (Do Not take your clothes off)
2. Age must be minimum at 12 years old & height > 150 cm
3. Amateur must be accompanied by the coach we had
4. Always do the warming before act
6. Let's keep the cleanliness
7. Do not take pictures / video commercial without permission
8. Do not bring pets without permission
9. Always watching your children while playing
10. Any accident caused by personal mistake is not tolerance
11. Any kind of loss of goods is a personal problem itself